by Offset

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released July 16, 2016

Tyler Addey-Jibb - guitar
Liem Morrell - vocals
Julien Levesque - bass
Paulo Riccardo - drums, percussion, piano

Special thanks to:
Ben Vallee
Miguel Peralta
Grimey MTL
Those who drove us and our gear to shows
Those who came out



all rights reserved


Offset Montreal, Québec

Orchestrated Chaos from the heart of Western Scumbag Suburbia, Montreal.

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Track Name: Sprinkles For My Darlin'
Sprinkles For My Darlin'

Inspiration. Create the walking Dead.
a lead bullet to the side of my fucking head
Tear my sanity, take me away
I won't rest till I lay down beside the dead
Disassociated, growing sicker every day
how can really say that everything will be okay
I will never be alright. I don't know what you want me to say

Rotting Away, please take what I have left to give
falling away, I promise that I will keep your eyes safe
Nothing left, but these sheddings of mind
only the best, get the sprinkles that will wilt with time

kill me, take me, want me, or never want again

forget the notion, its holding back the real you.
just keep in motion, the better days are coming through
the sunny Rays are coming true
the newer ways are starting soon
time to cover up the dark
time to make a different you

money for a value, dollar fifty value
while kids my age are smoking cigarettes and taking valume
its very hard, its hard to see the future for
these kids in a hospital bed
coughin blood onto the floor

I won't go out like that
blood is spillin my own way
as a matter of fact
I won't spend my final days
you can really say, that I ain't rotting down
the flake s are all that will be left
on this eternal ground
Track Name: Preying On A Vulnerable Mind Surrendered to the Inevitable Pollution of Circumstance (Pisson)
I voyage through the darkness
the webs concealing all thoughts
I am the dust on the floor
I am the body that rots
decreasing splendor
madness in its entirety

I take the things that life cannot give
I steal the youth, I pray to god
you tell them lies
I offer sanctuary
they'll only know once its too late
Track Name: Moose Chili
this is god
I've wasted too much time
burning on
a wasted sacrifice
you were too wasted to even realize
you'd been changed, you'd been twisted

so cross your fingers and just hope that it gets better.
Even though you can never control the weather

endless protest and for what
you spend your days among grey faces
who may say they support your cause
end this whining, winding tunnel downward

one foot, never could.
Control the weather.

I was shocked to see that with results of time and patience.
I could see things much more clearly.
I think you'd be shocked to see, that with all your brilliance boy
you could make it in this world.

A wasted (sacrifice)
Laid down for, what could be.
you were, what would be.
I was wandering.

so cross your fingers and just hope that it gets better.
Even though you can never control the weather